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Bucket Design and Engineering

Being strategically located in the heart of Tasmania’s mining region, CEB has built an international reputation in the mining sector, and now designs and engineers world leading buckets for mining companies in Tasmania and across the key mining areas in Australia.

For more than two decades, CEB has been the Tasmanian distributor for replacement GET castings, including WearpactTM lip assemblies, adaptors, tooth points, blades, quick runners, wing shrouds, heel blocks, side cutters, ripper arms and boots, cutting edges and grouser bars.

WearpactTM is a patented ground engaging tool designed for both underground and open pit conditions and has a 20-year history of reliability on mine sites around the world.

The system attaches to the lip and base of buckets in any configuration and size and is uniquely designed to reduce edge wear and enable fast and efficient replacement.

CEB fits WearpactTM lip assemblies to new and refurbished buckets for customers across Australia and around the globe.

CEB'S world leading reputation incudes work with CR Mining and Fosterville Gold Mine in Victoria

 CEB also builds trays fitted with various GET components for added wear protection, 


"For several years we have run the CEB Buckets at Fosterville Gold Mine. In this time we have found we could run these buckets out to between 20-21 000 hours," The best practice we found to achieve these hours was to schedule in a midlife rebuild of the bucket at around 10-11 000 hours replace liners and repair any cracks etc., replace wear bars & heel shrouds as they wear, With the wear bars under the bucket we found in most instances we only replaced 300- 400mm on the end closest to the bucket sides "As Foreman Mobile fleet at Fosterville Gold Mine for 12 years I have found the CEB buckets to be an excellent product and achieved a good overall cost/hour. 

David Capell Maintenance Co-ordinator, Deepcore Drilling


"Regarding the services that CEB provides to Olympic Dam, I have been very pleased with the quality of fabrication work of the items that we have purchased, including several underground loader buckets and several haul truck trays,'' "CEB have been able to customise these items to suit our specific site requirements and have been able to provide ongoing support regarding spares and liner replacements. CEB are always willing to work with us on tight schedules and we have good communication. The buckets and trays that we have purchased are performing well in service, and I look forward to building an ongoing relationship with CEB in the future,"

Daniel Stephens Mobile Fleet Maintenance – Reliability Engineer BHP

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